Who are we?

Charcuterie Galiot, a specialized establishment specialized in delicatessen and select charcuterries of very high quality, was created and directed since 1998 by Sergio and José Antonio Galiot brothers, for which the most important thing is to offer the highest quality with the best service . For this reason, Galiot selects strictly their products, giving a special dedication to Iberian Bellota ham and palette and Iberian Iberic fillets.

“The key to our success is “quality “, quality in the product, service, and customer service, as well as offering highly reliable food hygiene and safety”


Ham cut for parties and events
Catering service
Delivery at home
Boning and cutting of hams and pallets

We work with the best suppliers in the market in order to guarantee our customers top quality products.

Señorío de Montanera
Nova Gamma



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Where are we?

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